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What our clients say


“We began working with Gregory Graphics on an address label acquisition package two years ago. Since then, we have not lost money on acquisition mailings, our response rate has soared (5 - 6%), and the average gift has gone up.”
Monique Perro, Heart and Stroke Foundation of MB


“I know of no other printer who inspires loyalty with their non-profit clients. Matt Gregory’s attention to detail, price and hitting deadlines makes him a tremendous resource for HJC and our clients. I recently walked into the office of a direct mail fundraising manager. After a quick chat, I happened to mention Matt Gregory. My prospective client then began to sing Matt’s praises. The organization had used Matt three years prior – and he missed his quality and service. That’s the kind of supplier Matt is – it is very difficult to find quality, professional service – and when he’s gone – you want him back. I am proud to call Matt Gregory and Gregory Graphics a preferred print partner.”
Mike Johnston, President, HJC New Media /Hewitt & Johnston Consultants


“Good Works Communications has used Matt Gregory’s services for a number of years. He provides excellent service, competitive pricing and produces a quality product in the timeframes we’re looking at. As fundraising consultants who put millions of pieces in the mail annually, we’d rate Gregory Graphics as one of our better suppliers.”
Jose van Herpt, CFRE, Principal, Good Works Communications


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt at Gregory Graphics for over 20 years. Regardless of the product, Matt always ensures that we look good, and that we shine in front of our clients... I’d recommend talking to Matt about any printing needs you have. “
MontieFoxwell, Managing Partner, iBEAM




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